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Revolver can be used as a clean, simple way to showcase a design portfolio, sketchbook, photoblog, or simple image gallery. Uses abound. Be creative, invent your own.


You’ll need a web server running at least PHP 4.0, an FTP client, and your imagination.


Just upload a new image to your Revolver images folder via FTP following the Image Naming Scheme. That's it!

  • Revolver is entirely free and Open Source
  • 100% advertisement free
  • RSS feed
  • Play and stop slide show controls
  • Extremely simple image management technique
  • Easy no hassle installation process
  • No database required
  • Minimal file size, around 3k
  • No admin or login information needed
  • Pre-date images for future release
  • Customizable background colors to coordinate with each image
  • No clutter or user interface to customize
  • Default HTML code is valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional
Quick Note
Released version 1.4. We have added RSS feed support. Added a config.php file to keep your settings separate from the main index file.